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Agribusiness CPA Accounting

Gatlin Rago CPA Group specializes in accounting and tax reduction planning for farms and other agribusinesses. We're committed to helping our clients manage their finances, minimize taxes, and maintain a strong business to pass on to future generations.

We understand the common financial issues that farms and agribusinesses are up against and are ready to assist with practical accounting solutions and powerful tax planning techniques. Our services include business consulting, benchmarking, and financial analysis to help your business compete in the marketplace and remain profitable through seasonal changes. We’ll also create a comprehensive tax strategy to make sure you take advantage of all tax incentives, deductions, and credits that are unique to the agricultural industry so you keep more of your hard-earned profits.

Contact us at 219-462-7544 today or request a free consultation through our website now. We’d be happy to discuss how our accounting services and tax advice saves time and resources for small family farms, large farming operations, and all kinds of agribusinesses in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.

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